Be Afraid to Work Contract Labor. Be Very Afraid

Dear Joe Blow:
First of all, I would like to commend the efforts of the Small Business Administration for protecting America’s small businesses men everywhere. Both my father (before his death) and my brother own a small business.
Your headline on your website states that the SBA is “the voice for small business in Federal Government…..” Others, however, should have a voice too.
I have a problem that I am sure is not unique. The small business owner for whom I am employed does not like to follow federal and state regulations. He has been paying me as contract labor for the past 14 months, as well as the other 4 employees. We are all clearly employees. We work in his store, sell his furniture, use his office equipment, work under his supervision, and he pays us by the hour. By the way, my 3949 A to the IRS was mailed out certified today.
My employer does not have Workman’s Compensation on any of us either. I notified Workman’s Comp, and the audit will start soon. Followed by an audit by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and then, the IRS.
Since he is certain that I am the one who called Workman’s Comp., he has retaliated against me. Three days after he received his compliance letter, he reduced my work hours from 32 hours a week to 12 hours a week. No problem, right? I can get unemployment checks. Wrong. He gave me 1099s, so although I qualify for unemployment, I cannot get it because there is no record of my wages. No problem again, right? I can get a lawyer. Wrong. Because he has under fifteen employees, not only will a lawyer not help, neither will the government agencies that take my tax money.
So please give yourself a pat on the back for giving a voice to small business men while the SBA and lobbyists silenced the voice of small business employees.
However, this business will probably end up to be another one that bites the dust because the SBA has made it so easy for them to hang themselves.
Have a wonderful week,
Jane Doe

How to take care of a dirt bag boss

My boss of 14 months hired me as an independent contract rather than an employee. Why would a boss do this? Well, there are all kinds of perks for the employer, such as not having to pay his/her part of my Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment. Wow! What a money-saving deal for the employer, but not for the employee.

The employee ends up paying his/her share plus the boss’s share. The IRS has strict guide lines that spell out the differences between the two. So, if you’re curious, go to their website.

Here’s my email to him. The names and places have been omitted to protect the innocent and to avoid a lawsuit from the guilty.

Don’t bother mailing the checks to cover your part of my taxes . I’ll be there Sat. afternoon to get them, as well as my payroll check from last week. By the way, when you went to ——, I worked 47 hours, so I need my time and a half, which would be an additional $105.

Also, you said that your accountant told you that you had to start taking taxes out on me because I had been there a year. Didn’t your accountant explain to you the concept of independent labor? And, why didn’t you offer to pay your share then instead letting me figure it out all by myself? If I were you, I’d fire your accountant for being a retard!!!

Thanks bunches and see ya tomorrow!