My Meeting with the Workman’s Comp People

I had a lovely meeting with the state today because my employer’s checks, etc that Workman’s Comp requested from him hit their office today.

It seems my boss has a little problem. Out of all 5 employees, I’m to only one with a 1099. The others don’t have 1099s or W-2s. They asked me who certain people were, and I told them that they were employees just like me.

So, tomorrow my employer will be hit with 9 citations. Does he knows it’s me? Yes. Do I care? No. Since he retaliated right after he got Workman’s Comp letter and reduced my hours to 12/wk instead of 32/wk and tried to stick me with his share of my taxes, I really detest this man.

Next comes the Oklahoma Tax Commission. They are extremely interested in my 1099s, and the two checks my boss wrote to me to cover his share of Social Security and Medicare. He wrote that on the checks. So, I kindly faxed them over to the OTC.

Then, of course, the IRS will be visiting him next. This won’t be pretty at all!

Here’s the email from my boss that I sent over to Workman’s Comp.  Although the evidence was strong before, I thought this might be the icing on the cake. I’m a very thorough woman, and yes, I trapped him since I emailed him about the schedule and ask him to reply to the email because I didn’t want to bother His Highness at work. This is coming from a man who claims to have no employees and only one independent contractor. This is golden.

Stay tuned for more adventures with the Oklahoma Tax Commission within the next month.

When the IRS is finished with him, I’ll reveal his business. This city is going to be shocked!

Schedule for Week of Feb 2:

Tues Feb 3 Hours 1200 – 1800

Thur Feb 5 1200 – 1800

I’ll work you into more hours for the last part of Feb. Since you stated you were not coming back til you got your taxes cleared up, I didn’t know when you would be back, so I had to hire more part time employees to fill in your gap along with —- and ——. ——is back and —-will be back in about a week, so we now will have 2 Full time and 5 Part time.

I’m glad to hear you are ready to come back.